Business Cards


  1. What is the Class Bingo Chart about?

  2. Hi! I've had such a problem with kids not turning in their work on time that I thought I'd do a reward system. Every day they have their assignment turned in on time and done to the best of their ability, they will get a stamp on their card. Once their card is completely filled, they will write their name in on the bingo chart that I made. When the chart is completely filled, I will draw a letter and a number. The person in that square will get to choose a prize - eat in the classroom, sit at my desk, etc.

    The Bingo chart is simply a piece of chart paper with B-I-N-G-O at the top and numbered from 1 - 20 down the side.

    I have not tried this yet, but I am going to this year to see if it helps!

    1. I like!! Great Idea! Do you just give them a random bingo number once the card is complete?? Or do you have the numbers like B20 prewritten on the bingo cards you made?

  3. Also what happens when they get Bingo? or is that possible. This is such a great idea. Sorry I am asking so many questions! LOL