Saturday, February 18, 2012


Welcome!  I'm excited to share my Vista Print creations with you! Most of these items I use in my classroom daily and they are such a time saver!  This year, I have a nautical theme to my classroom which is why there are so many "boat" themed products!  Just click the different products above to see some of the 147 things I have made so far on VP!

I am NOT rich, but I ordered most of my VP stuff in the summer when they offer free shipping!  Free products + free shipping = something I can afford!  Sign up for their emails and you will get all kinds of great deals!

**Disclaimer**  I do not claim that every one of these ideas is my own!  I have gotten lots of fantastic ideas from other wonderful teachers on the internet and just reworked their ideas to meet my needs!  Teaching is all about sharing!  Feel free to share my ideas and incorporate them into your classroom!